4 steps to good UX

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In each of our publications and in our conversations with clients, we emphasize our approach to creating new digital products. The user should be at the center of every process. After all, it is for them that new products are created to positively impact their lives. 

In this short article we want to tell you about what elements of creating a good User Experience are crucial for us when working on a new product.

Step 1. Branding

Despite popular belief, it's not that uncommon to overlook branding standards when creating new products. We always encourage our clients to implement them in the process (if they weren't there before, we help create them). Users of digital products like knowing at first glance who they are dealing with, who the product represents. Good UX is all about avoiding chaos in both content and branding.

Step 2. Speed and performance

Responding efficiently  and quick loading are crucial factors in modern UX. People don’t like to wait and resign very quickly if the site is loading very slowly. In the current digital world we live in, your users have high expectations. 

Different studies show that nearly 40 percent of visitors stop engaging with a site if images take too long to load. It’s obvious you don’t want to lose potential clients for your competitors.The simplest solution to speed up your site and load images faster is to simply optimize the images you showcase in your product.

Step 3. Mobile optimization

It is clear that current users are accessing digital products using their phones. If you don't give them a product that caters to that, you will lose them. That's why from the beginning of our work on a new product, we talk about optimizing it for mobile. Everything counts here: the range and quality of graphics, the length and appearance of texts, and even the intuitiveness of use and CTAs.

Step 4. Navigation

Yep, as we said before, people don’t want to lose their time. You can be sure they won't wonder what you meant by placing a button or graphic in some surprising place. If they are forced to click repeatedly through irrelevant information to finally get to what they are looking for, they will go away and never come back. That's why, when we think together about the customer's journey from first contact to action, we always opt for the simplest navigation that doesn't hinder, but actually makes it easier for them to be in your product.

Of course, that's not all we have to say about UX and this topic on our blog will certainly come up more than once. However, these are the elements that we always pay attention to when we start working on a new product.

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