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Web development


Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. We really like to work with Angular because it’s a fast and complex solution for businesses that need scalability at maximum level.


We build scalable solutions that are fast and efficient. Node is using JavaScript and that gives developers many opportunities to build great full-stack websites. That makes this tool so quick to use and implement to make your product ready to market.


When it comes to building a stunning application we like to work with Ionic. This is a tool for building cross-platform applications with one codebase, for any device, with the web. We are using this open source framework for building both mobile and web applications that your clients can use conveniently.


React is an open-source JavaScript library that we are using for building user interfaces in applications. We are creating great applications with React both mobile and web.


This one of the fastest frameworks gives us the possibility to build a great application for you. Vue is a quick tool to make an application that is adaptable to your business and your goals. It’s used by the biggest tech companies like Facebook or Netflix.


Tool for modern web application - this the shortest description of Symfony. What characterises this tool is, above all, security and stable and high quality code. We are using this PHP framework when your business needs modern web applications.
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Websites & e-Commerce


Over 40% of all websites are built with WordPress. This popularity is no coincidence, as WordPress is a fast and easy-to-use tool for building websites. Thanks to the community of developers gathered around WP and its constant expansion, we have access to solutions that make it easier to personalise your site. And adapting it as much as possible to your expectations.


We couldn’t miss the most popular eCommerce open source solution. It is estimated that 30% of online shops worldwide use solutions provided by WooCommerce. A wide range of in-built tools and integrations with external providers (e.g. payment gateways or shipping) enables us to prepare for you a shop that is convenient to manage, but also customer-friendly.


The best solution for creating an online multi vendor marketplace. We like it for flexibility and maximum customizability. Scalability is equally important. All of this makes this solution perfect for businesses that are starting from a small online shop but thinking about growing into a bigger store.
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Mobile development


When we are thinking about a great iOS application we know that it must be intuitive for the user and scalable for the business. We work with Angular, Ionic, React and Vue to prepare an application best suited to your needs.


The same applies to applications for Android. We work with many tools and we are choosing the best for your business. What is important is to focus on performance without problems for users.

Cross-Platform Dev

Cross-platform applications are compatible with multiple operating systems and can run on any smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. To build that kind of application based on reusable code we are working with React Native which is a framework based on React we know so well.
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