Effective landing for business

Landing page is a tool that can support your business and product marketing efforts. You just show your clients what they should do, very precisely. To make it as easy as possible, they can’t be distracted by other information. And this is a job for a great landing page.

It could be said that a landing page is a small piece of your company's reality you want to show the world. It is most often used in sales, marketing or even recruitment campaigns. We do not encourage users to discover information or explore the possibilities of our website. We only give specific information, along with a specific call to action.

Strategic approach

However, for a landing page to serve its purpose, you need to strategically approach its preparation. First, it is worth thinking about:

  • who the page is targeted at and what benefit language we will use to convince users to take an action (that’s our goal).
  • how to present an offer attractively - what kind of problem our product is solving
  • how to plan our user's purchase path and buying experience

As in a complex website, the graphic layer is also of great importance. It is worth remembering not to overwhelm the user with excessive animations or other distractions. This, in turn, distracts their attention from the action, which we care about and expect from them. In this text we wrote about how to prepare a good project in cooperation with a designer prepared by our lead designer.

Good CTA

Once we have everything prepared with content and graphics, it's also worth considering what our CTA (call to action) will look like. What action will we want to evoke in users? More often you can meet two formulas: either it is a form to leave the data to receive some interesting file (e.g. video, ebook, etc.) , or it's a direct CTA referring to a specific action: e.g. making an appointment or a purchase at a shop.

A few rules about the CTA itself:

  • clearly communicate what will happen when you fill out a form or click a button (e.g. you will be taken to a shop page)
  • place the CTA in a prominent place, already at the beginning of the page (not everyone has to read the whole thing, they just want to go straight to action)
  • it's better to avoid poetic descriptions and write directly what the action is about (instead of "learn innovative ways to reach customers now" write "launch your first mobile application with us").
  • don't overdo the number of CTAs on the landing page

Good content

One last point that clients usually ask us before starting work on a landing page: how long should the text be? There is no simple rule here, as it all depends on what the page is about. If the product presented is complex and some educational work needs to be done, the landing will be more extensive in terms of content. 

A few rules about the content:

  • don’t overuse jargon
  • write as simple and precise as possible
  • use the language of benefits
  • format text for easy reading
  • show what’s important 
  • use social proof if you can

As you can see, at first glance, a landing page may seem like a simple thing to do. However, in order for it to fulfil its goals, support business and branding goals, it should be well thought-out. And perfectly executed. That's what we do at Devspire. Check us out.

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