Good description is a key - 4 tips

When you think about creating a new digital product and application especially, it’s the best time to start thinking about its presentation. How to get users' attention and make them download your product? What is this ‘catching eye element’? That kind of strategic approach from the very beginning  will make it easier for you to describe an application later; when you start to put it into app stores. 

Although it is true that digital products are not created for themselves, but for the users, their creators often forget about it. Of course, applications are created to be used as often as possible, but usually the whole process is focused on the implemented features.  Sometimes marketing and sales are only thought of when it is time to commercialise the product. And then it gets tough - how to describe the application well enough to encourage downloading and using it?

We have a few tips on how to present your digital product (you can implement it not only to applications) and what to pay attention to.


When we start the work on creating a new application, it’s the best moment to start thinking about how it should be known. How do we want people to think about this product? The best way to find your keywords is to brainstorm with the team and get together all the suggestions. The next step is to choose the best 4–5 words you want to use constantly when talking or describing the product. This is your basis to start building recognition of your application.

The language

And we mean by that not a decision to use English or German. Before you start to monetize the product, you have to decide how you want to talk to the users. Is it going to be rather informal language or maybe more formal because of the product specification. Here, of course, you should also take into consideration your target audience and the language they use.

The clarity

Sometimes this is a very tricky moment when you’re creating your product description. Because of the advanced features it’s easy to overuse the jargon. And here is the point when you can lose your users’ interest. That’s the moment when it’s good to repeat to yourself: the simpler the better.


Don’t complicate what doesn't need to be difficult. People don’t like to think too much about what the creator had in mind when creating the product. They just want to know how to use it to solve their problems or to get answers to their questions. So, make your product navigation as simple as possible and show it to the users.

These are, of course, tips when you think about developing or creating your own product. It’s also worth having a trusted sparring partner along the way.

You can read about it in our previous article here.

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