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We are a team of ambitious professionals who grow as the company grows. We appreciate the opportunity to work on diverse projects: from startups to large corporations. Join us and see why we are the beasts of digital products.

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Our passion is driving digital innovation in every environment.

We are dedicated to our work, and we take care of our people! Devspire was founded in 2012 and has grown very quickly since then.
We love working with enterprises, injecting them with startup genes and enabling transformation into the new digital future. We also enjoy working with startups, building out great ideas, caring for them in their early days, eventually bringing them to be enterprise-ready.

Joining our team means that you work on different projects for different branches in different markets. We can guarantee you won’t be bored!

We are looking for ambitious people who are interested in new challenges, because that’s who we are.

Devspire is still growing and we are hungry of success. Are you?


1 open position:


1 open position:


1 open position:
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Recruitment process

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CV Review
We don’t let bots do it! Our HR specialists will read and check your CV very carefully. You can be sure we will let you know if your CV is accepted.
HR Review
At this stage you will receive a call or email from us with an invitation for interview. We want to get you know better. Most of our meetings are organized online. After the meeting we will get back to you either with a sample project task or with feedback on how you performed.
We really like to know the way you think about development challenges, which are our everyday reality. These tasks that will match the position you are applying for and check that you have the right mix of skills to join our beasts team.
Final Interview
Here you will meet your team leader whom you will be working with if accepted. If everything goes well, we will make you a job offer after this final meeting.
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Our core values

We are honest with our Clients and our team. We keep you informed what is happening in the company and with the projects.
Team power
We believe that our superpower is cooperation which comes from cooperation inside our team.
We don’t focus on mistakes but learn from them. We know how important the quality of the code we deliver is.
We are constantly working on improving our products. We look boldly into the future and are not afraid of unusual challenges.

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