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From the very beginning of our business in 2012, we knew we wanted to share the experience, knowledge and opportunities we develop at Devspire. That's why we are committed to supporting the vulnerable ones. We don’t even call it CSR or anything else. We just want to share the good.

Choosing the best suited initiative

When we were considering what initiative we could support, it was important to us that its activities translated into results for the people it was aimed at. We strongly believe that concrete support, also in the form of knowledge and experience, sometimes gives more than just a donation.

We had been looking for some time for organisations that help build competences and support in a very concrete way. And so we came across the network "Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs” from Oxfam. This initiative for small and medium-sized companies supports active women and men in poor countries in building an economic existence on their own.

Showing the ways of change

A third of all people worldwide live in poverty. Oxfam, one of the most influential international development organisations, finds practical, innovative ways to change this: together with partners  from all over the world and the local people, whom we help to develop entrepreneurship and empowerment in their lives.

From our point of view it is extremely important to show ways to change the current life situation, give solutions and tools. That’s why we really like the „Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs” mission. And that’s why we decided to join the global movement for change.

Different approach, the same goal

In the same vein, we support Bowl of Compassion, an organisation that helps fight malnutrition in India. Even a small donation supports this work and provides a wholesome meal to adults and children in need.

We really believe that not only technology can change the world, but also empathy and ability to share the good which means very often to share experience or knowledge. This is also what we do in our daily work. We often and willingly share our insights and approach to developing the digital products business.

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