PR for your product - how to do it?

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When you start to think about your new digital product, you’re focusing on how to build it, or how to make it as user-friendly as possible. You and your developers spend a lot of time in the production phase adding new features and fighting new bugs. And then the launch time comes. It’s the most time-consuming phase - the time after you present users your product. Because, in fact, promotion time never ends.

We have some tips on how to promote your product and get new users. You can do this not only by using obvious marketing solutions, but also by using PR activities. So, let’s check what and how you can PR a new product.

  1. Take care of a good PR description of your product.
    This is where companies often make the mistake of mistaking it for an advertising slogan. And these are two different things. In the PR description you do not advertise, rather you show unique features and elements the user should pay attention to. This is the moment when you tell the world what to think about your product. 
  1. Build relationships with users from the beginning.
    Don't avoid contact and be open to feedback. Users appreciate more and more companies that do not try to sell them rubbish just to make money. They are much more willing to recommend and talk about products of companies that communicate openly.
  1. Show a human face.
    People like to know who's behind their favourite product. This doesn't mean the stiff bio notes you most often read on company websites. It's more about describing how you deal with challenges in the project, how you solve problems. People love to read fuck up stories with happy endings.
  1. PR for many people is clearly associated with media relations, with articles about a product or a company.
    This is obviously one of the elements of such activities and it is worth including it in your communication strategy. Here it is worth remembering one thing: a publication in Forbes will bring you nothing if your users read a niche industry portal. If you want the media hype to translate into interest in your product, simply be where the target group is.
  1. And last but not least. It's not worth overdoing the CTA for buying.
    You will definitely build a better relationship with the users of your products by showing them the benefits they will have from using them, how they will make their daily life easier, and how they will affect the area of their life that your product concerns. 

Selling is important, after all, you are running a business. But it's relationships and open communication that build trust in your company and product. And people are simply more likely to use those.

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