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Great ideas

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From great ideas to launch strategy - the beasts are delivering complex services for you.
We are not only experienced developers and designers, but we’re also your strategic advisor.

Let’s talk about the ideas

 Brain storming

We're sure you know that feeling. That kind of brain itch when you feel like a new digital product is going to be it. We are your advisor and partner in this process. As a team we like to use brainstorming when new options, solutions are created. And then, some of them, after thorough discussion, are sent to further work.

Let’s check the ideas

Design thinking

We like to use design thinking when working on a new product. To create tool that perfectly match not only your business but also the expectations of your target group. Its 5 phases perfectly represent how we do it.

In addition to generating new ideas and checking the needs of product users, we put a lot of emphasis on prototyping and testing what we come up with together. We advise on how to improve the operation or reach the audience faster. We also look at your product from the perspective of its users. We check how easy to use the product is and it can be more useful, quicker and intuitive.

Let’s market the ideas

Strategy & Advisory

Once we know what goals your new product is supposed to meet, we work on a strategy for implementing it and reaching your audience. We advise and suggest solutions that work. We know how to arrange a schedule of product launch. We know how to draw your target group’s attention so that they not only want to get to know your product, but above all, keep coming back to it. We are your partner in business.

As we know from clients (check case studies), close cooperation model and projects management are what they really like while working with us.

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