Remote recruitment - the new normality

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A lot of HR experts say that remote recruitment is a future and will be more and more common. Although in our sector remote work and recruitment isn’t something totally new, there are several things to think about and improve. That applies to both sides of the process: company and candidate.

At Devspire we are the remote company from the very first project we took in 2012. So, we know quite a lot about not only remote work but also the recruitment process.

Check out a bunch of advice from us on how to prepare better for the remote interview.

  1. Technicalities - yep, we know it should be quite obvious for the people who want to work at a digital products’ company. And the candidates should be aware that technical preparation is important. You know, if your wi-fi is too slow for a job interview there could be problems with remote work on projects later. So, be prepared and check the internet connection twice.
  2. Details - IT is quite a chilled out sector - we all know it - but even here it’s better to take care of your background for video connection. Not everybody must know that you dry laundry in the living room or haven’t cleaned a house for a couple of days. We know there is a blur feature in many apps for video calls, but use it wisely because  it very often slows down the application. 
  3. Make sure - there are no stupid questions, especially when the meeting is going to be conducted using tool you don’t know very well. So, if you have any doubts about how to connect - just ask.
  4. Be in time - sometimes it’s real difficulty. When you have to go for a meeting, you know that you have to leave home earlier. When you connect from your desk during a workday it’s a risk of being late. Sometimes because you’re connecting to the call longer than you’ve expected. Or your computer just started an update. Things like that happen all the time. So, better click “connect” 5 minutes before and wait for the start of the meeting.

And last but not least. There happens to be advice on how to manage difficult questions or even technical tasks in different social groups and we are aware of that. If there is a temptation to use some external sources during an interview, better not. We want you to know that there is nothing wrong in not knowing everything. Truly, it would be even a little odd to know all the answers. So, if you have a problem with an answer or just are not sure how to do a recruitment task - just say it. Sometimes more explanation is enough to get to the right path.

Summarising, what can you expect:

  • we would like to know you as much as possible, so will be asking not only about the experience but also your approach to problem solving
  • we appreciate your honesty. If you’re not sure about your answer - just tell us.
  • we can ask about your time management and other projects you’re and have been involved in
  • there may be some non work related questions just to check out “the chemistry” between us
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