Talking to your designer

2 min.

Creating a new digital product is a collaboration with the whole team. How to organize yourself right from the start so that the implementation goes smoothly and in a good atmosphere? What should you pay attention to when working on a graphic design? 

Answers to these and other questions about design you can find in our text prepared by Mariusz Mitkow, Lead Designer at Devspire.

Let's get to know each other

It is a good idea to start working on a project by getting to know each other. We get to know the client's expectations, and the client gets to know our way of working. This stage is in fact crucial for the further progress of the project. I like to ask what colours my client is into and which ones should be avoided. A short description of what the company does to illustrate what direction and style I should take in graphic design.

It is always good to have previously prepared examples of pages that a client likes or, more or less, what he or she expects from the project. Whether it should be minimalistic and complex, whether some animations should appear or enrich it with an illustration, or whether it should be something invented from scratch by me. It is also good to start a graphic design when I already know what the structure of e.g. the main page should be, what sections it will include.

Let's plan

​​What is also important to me is at least an outline of the planned content to be included in the product. Thanks to this, I know how big the individual sections should be, how much space will be needed to properly expose strategic content.

Very often it's my job to present the initial inspiration to a client. Establishing the precise direction we are working in. What needs the project should meet, and then the whole product. Mostly, I look for an inspiration on:

  • Dribbble 
  • Instagram profiles uploading daily projects
  • Behance
  • Awwwards
  • Grafmag / Elements talk 
  • Social media groups
  • Industry articles

Let's create

Inspiration and discussions with a client are always used to create the best possible graphic design. One that not only delights the user, but also makes the work of development and marketing teams easier. I always look at the project as a whole, because that's how we do our projects at Devspire - from the very idea to the commercialization and marketing support.

Of course, I have fixed elements of good graphic solutions that must be present in every project. These are: UI and UX approach, design aesthetics, typography and elements that make user interaction easier (e.g. animations). 

In conclusion, I can say that I actually have one key piece of advice for clients starting to work on their digital product and its design. Talk to your designer. Ask questions and share information. With good and open communication, we will create a great digital product together.

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