The best of both worlds

Omnichannel aims to provide a consistent shopping experience to the consumer regardless of which channel or channels they interact with your business. As customers, we are becoming more demanding, while at the same time, the tendency to be loyal to a chosen brand is decreasing. Therefore, an online business needs to include far more elements in its outreach strategy.

Where do you start when thinking about your product being available across the various channels your customers use? It's worth looking at the research. A while back, Harvard Business Review reported that as many as 73% of customers who shop online use different channels when looking for the best option for them. And already half of the customers use the so-called ROPO: research online, purchase offline. All in search of the best price and service.

And this is where the whole thing really begins: how to pull from both of these worlds what's best for the business and the customer's experience with the brand. Therefore, preparing a good omnichannel strategy takes a lot of work and effort to make everything work well. And it was connected in an optimal way.

So what to bet on in omnichannel strategy:

  1. Customers. Yes, you need to have a good understanding of your customers' habits, needs and ways of doing things. Customer insights allow you to build tailored brand experiences. And thus, an effective customer journey for your business.
  1. Channels. Find out where your customers are and what  and how they're doing.
  1. Purpose. This avoids chaos when you know what purpose the action in a particular channel is supposed to give: one channel mainly for interaction, the other for news updates and so on.
  1. Connection. Yes, you need the right technology to follow your customer across all the touchpoints: from reading reviews on your website, checking products at marketplaces, reacting and seeing online ads to final action which is purchasing at your store. 
  1. Maintenance. There is no time to rest on your laurels. A well-prepared and then implemented strategy is actually a constant testing and checking what works and what doesn't. 

It is worth remembering that a well-run brand changes with its customers and constantly responds to their needs.

Need a good digital product that will perfectly support your omnichannel growth?  The beasts are here for you! Just let us know.

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