We join the TOPMOTIVE Group

After 10 years of presence on the market of creating digital products for companies from all over Europe, we join TOPMOTIVE Group - the European market leader for catalog and information systems in the automotive market. As a digital creative services agency, within the group we will provide services for developing mobile and web applications, backend solutions, e-commerce or websites. 

Where we came from

Devspire is a company that was founded in 2012 in Racibórz, Silesia. Very soon, we opened our office in Dortmund, which became the company's headquarter due to a growing number of orders from companies across Europe. An international team from seven countries works for innovative startups as well as large corporations. Among our clients are energy companies and insurance companies in Germany.

The diversity of projects translates into a constantly growing team, to which recruitment is conducted in an open mode (check here). At the moment, we cooperate with over 55 specialists in programming, design, UX, testing and marketing. Devspire specializes in delivering products based on the latest web and mobile application development technologies like Angular, Ionic, React, Vue.

Where are we going

The collaboration with TOPMOTIVE Group started four years ago, when Devspire supported the implementation of a new generation of software to manage car workshops across Europe. The companies also collaborated on subsequent projects until the boards decided it was time to grow together.

- For us, it's a great opportunity to reach new groups of customers in the automotive industry, which is in the process of a very dynamic change and to strengthen the brand on the European market of digital product providers. Devspire is an example of how you can successfully find your place in the market. I started as a one-person business in a small town and from the beginning I focused on delivering interesting and developmental projects for strong brands. Partnering with TOPMOTIVE is a bit of a closing of the story for me because, as a son of a car mechanic, I have been interested in the automotive industry since I remember. And now I can create software for this industry. This is very exciting - comments Robert Schmidt, CEO of Devspire.

Anja Pleus, TOPMOTIVE & Robert Schmidt, Devspire

- As a leading solution provider in the automotive industry, we are always looking for new ways to grow and this is how we see the integration into the Devspire group. This integration brings us much closer to our goal of being even better positioned to offer comprehensive services to our customers, including creative activities in digital areas - adds Anja Pleus, member of the board and shareholder of TOPMOTIVE.

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