What the future holds for digital products

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Watching trends, constant research and market observation is an important part of our work. It is important to us that regardless of the industry in which our clients operate or the size of their company we can offer solutions that will boost their business. Based on the newest trends.

We have collected a few trends that from our point of view can be leading in digital products’ design in the next few years. What can we expect?


The security of digital products will become one of the most important elements. With more and more areas of our lives being moved online, the security of websites, or apps, will be crucial in users' willingness to use them. 

This is especially important at a time of increasing fake news and a growing need for access to a safe digital environment with verified information. As The World Economy Forum experts predict, five years from now, privacy and data-centric security will have reached commodity status – and the ability for consumers to protect and control sensitive data assets will be viewed as the rule rather than the exception.

No password, please

In the digital reality, when users use many services and products for which passwords are required - it becomes crucial to manage them securely. Different surveys show that 70 percent of companies are planning to resign from traditional passwords by 2025 and use biometric authentication.

It's a trend worth working on implementing from the very beginning of thinking about your digital product.

Human centered products

More and more, consumers want to interact with brands and want to know who is behind them. So on the one hand, we have the automation of many processes in digital products, and on the other hand, the need for customers to interact with a specific person. When designing products, it is worth taking this into account from the very beginning and considering how we can meet this need.

Z and Alpha are here

Generations Z and Alpha (those born in the 1990s and 2000s) are increasingly making their presence felt in the market among customers. They are predicted to be the most innovative, digitally aware and creative group of young people we will encounter.

These are people who no longer differentiate their activity into online or offline because they have always functioned with the digital availability of products. That's why it's so important to know their needs and how they buy. What matters to young people is information about the ethicality of products, their immediate availability and their authenticity. The Alpha generation knows what they like and can see through the lack of authenticity online. 

Remote work stays with us

In 2020, almost overnight, most companies had to switch their work organisation to remote working. This rapid change is proving to be a strong trend for the coming years. This in turn means a whole host of changes not only in the management of teams, but also in the needs of people working in this way. Quick access to company information, team integration, internal communication - all these things require refined technologies. Technologies that support development.

AI and AR for better life

Bringing technological improvements in virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence, is slowly becoming our reality. And not even slowly, as these developments have strongly accelerated in recent months. We are all more digital and online than we were just a year ago. Virtual reality will enable smart systems in such key areas as healthcare, education and community living.

More spendings for digital development

As you can see the directions in which both technology and digital products will develop are several. They are also very diverse. So it is worth keeping your finger on the pulse and taking them into account when considering new or further digital products for your business. Especially as competition on the digital market will be fierce. As Gartner research shows, as many as 83% of CIOs admit that they will increase spending on digital business development in 2021 and beyond.

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