What we do and don’t like about remote work. Survey results.

I can answer right now: yes, we do like remote work/working from home. But at the same time we also see the tougher parts of that kind of work. We asked our colleagues and people on our social media about remote work.  Pros and cons and how they organize it and how to practise work-life balance. So, here are the highlights of the most popular answers we’ve got.

It turns out that you like working remotely (25%) but at the same time  you would like to have the option to go to the office from time to time (75%). It clearly shows that remote work can make you feel lonely and it’s nice to have a chance to go to meet other people from the team. At Devspire we take care of this part of remote cooperation and we regularly organize meetings in project teams.

We also asked you what you like in remote work.

Here are the most popular answers:

„Freedom about the location, no time wasted commuting”.


„I can sleep longer.”

„It saves a lot of time as I don't need to prepare for leaving the office or wasting time in traffic jams.”

Saving time is the most common argument for working remotely. Indeed, working from home means that you don't have to worry about putting makeup on in the morning or ironing your clothes. And above all, standing in traffic or chasing after the leaving bus.

Taking care of work-life balance is the key

When it comes to cons, the most common answer you gave was related to the lack of face to face contact with team members. You know, that quick chatting over a problem while waiting for the coffee to gossip. The second most cited negative was the lack of work-life balance. When you work remotely it is often the case that you just feel like you are constantly at work. You know those moments when you look at Slack in the evening just for a moment and close it after an hour? That's right. That's what we're talking about here.

And that's why we also asked in the survey how you take care of this balance, how you consciously approach the separation of work and free time (which, after all, each of us needs). It was multiple choice possibility. Most of you (75%) choose two answers: I don't work on weekends and I don't check work’s messengers after working hours. Many of you also answered that you take breaks while working.

An interesting solution and popular among the respondents is also turning off phones and computers at a certain time.

As you can see - we love remote work. There is no need to wake up early and start your day in a hurry. However, we are also more and more aware of how demanding this type of work is and how we have to manage our time to take care of our health as well.

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